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Baha Men release music with unexpected sound

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Pictured above: All the members of Baha Men
Photo Courtesy of SONY.

By: Rebekkah Parsons, Editor-in-Chief

In 2015, the music scene seemed to be pretty much set for the millennials. Artists like Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Adele leading the popularity. But it’s time to rethink the music scene with a band we all know from when we were younger, The Baha Men.

You might remember the song “Who Let the Dogs Out” from when we were younger. Now in 2015, the Baha Men are back with music that singer Dyson Knight would describe as “on fleek.”

The band from the Bahamas released a new album  filled with incredible new sounds.

Coming from a band who has been quiet for a few years, the band is receiving quite the buzz from fans across the world. “The buzz is new, unexpected music from the Baha Men” Knight said.

The band had the chance to perform on the Today Show where fans went crazy. They also performed at Metlife Stadium when the New York Giants hosted the Dallas Cowboys. “Jaws were on the floor and people were asking who it was” Knight recalls of the bands performance at the Giants game. “It was refreshing to play for the Giants.”

A band who knows that their legacy is wrapped around one song from 15 years ago is ready to take the world by storm.

Fresh off the album are some hot beats that can get fans on their feet ready to dance. The bands new song “Off the Leash” does just that with its dance remix version. According to Knight, the band is even releasing a video to show off the routine for the hit song and teaching it to fans at live performances.

“Winding Up” and “Carry On” are Knight’s two favorite songs off the new album for very different reasons. The songs are far from the same. “Winding Up” was written for the three front men and serves as “the anthem for the band” with a “perfect groove.” While Carry On is a catchy song with a good vibe and a great story line.

While the band hopes that new fans will listen to their music, Knight said “original fans are going to give the album a spin.” The songs on the album will hit hard with teenagers, early teens and kids the most. However, they aren’t the only ones who will enjoy the new music. “Ride with me, Rewind and Island Girl are good for people 30 and under” Knight said.

If you are a fan of the song “Who Let the Dogs Out” their new song “Off the Leash” might be the sound for you. The song incorporates the famous song and is a spin-off of the popular tune. The song is a hit among the stadium and arena crowds, according to Knight.

Like any other band, the Baha Men have musicians who influence them. Among these bands sit The Beatles, other members of rock n roll and some funk music. For Knight, some of his influences are Justin Bieber and Adele. “The rest of the band is my influence” comments Knight, who is the youngest member of the band.

So if you’re looking for some good music to get stuck in your head, give their new album a spin. It’s filled with some great tunes with great beats and even better vibes. If repetitive and catchy is your thing, “Night and Day”, is a song for you.

Look out world, the Baha Men are coming for you.


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