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MBA influences changes on campus

By Miranda Alvarez
Staff Writer

         Upon coming back from winter break there was a lot of excitement over the renovations in two classrooms located in Curtis hall; there were rumors of white board walls and new technology. When the classrooms opened up, students and faculty were impressed by the new aesthetic of these rooms, pointing out that they were unlike anything Cedar Crest has done before. The renovation of these classrooms stemmed from the desire to create an environment which matched the enthusiasm behind Cedar Crest’s new Master’s in Business Administration.  The MBA program, which was added this year, has been thriving. With classes filling up and gaining momentum quickly in the fall semester, the program found it necessary to invest in creating a space just as exciting as the program’s growth.

         The updated classrooms do in fact feature walls which have been cured in order to work as white b. oards and is otherwise painted brightly. These fun new walls have been paired with very appropriate carpeting which after taking a second glass actually portrays a repetitive design of the alphabet. On the technical side, the classroom includes a monitor which allows the professor and students to project their work in order to better share with the entire class. The update that seemed most exciting to the Dean of the School of Adult and Graduate Education and professor Gaetan Giannini, were the pods and how collaborative the space has been made.  Featuring individual desks arranged into a honeycomb like shape the classroom truly nurtures group work and discussion.

         The addition of the MBA program and the classroom innovations are just the beginning of changes here at Cedar Crest College.  In regards to the MBA program, the Business department is working on adding new concentrations and certificates in studies having to do with data analytics and business within healthcare.  The business department is additionally in the process of hiring two new faculty members who will hopefully bring new and high spirited energy to the department.  With all the changes the department hopes to ride the momentum, which has already created so much excitement, and continue to flourish.

         The classroom and all the department changes will hopefully serve as a model and inspiration for renovations across campus.  The college has already begun transforming the campus and it will most likely continue as we continue to see new benefits.  As stated by Giannini, “we are in a really good period of time and have really seen a renaissance and a growth and we are really excited about doing new things.”  Cedar Crest College with its active and dedicated cabinet and faculty is charging forward towards innovation and creating a campus which truly serves the college’s vibrant community.  Changes and progress is blooming and there is so much to look forward to.


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