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Transgender teen attempts to join a sorrority

By: Jillian Shaffer

According to the National Panhellenic Conference, as of 2011 285,543 girls were registered under a sorority. With each year colleges are presented with new students. Some of the most exciting experiences of a college student’s life can be when they are inducted into a sorority.

However, there have been some debates over the years of who is “allowed” to join a sorority. This normally comes up when someone who identifies as transgender asks to join a sorority or a fraternity. But, if you don’t identify as either male or female what are you supposed to do? One teen answered this when she started fighting the norm and is now fighting to be one the first transgender teens to ever join a sorority.

Allison attends East Stroudsburg University and when she first stepped food on campus she knew she somehow wanted to be involved in Greek Life. During the typical college activities fair Allison was first introduced to the fraternities because she was dressed as a boy and was biologically born as one. At first she really like Delta Chi, but when she went to the information session is just didn’t seem to click for her. The environment was different then what she expected and she didn’t feel like she fit in.

Over winter break Allison continued to contemplate joining a fraternity, but at the end she realized that if she identified as a female and thought she was a female that she should be allowed to join a sorority.

Once her decision was made Allison went to the head of the Greek Life affairs and explained her situation as well as why she would like to join a sorority over a fraternity. She was given permission to fill out a pledge form, but will have to wait until later in the spring semester to hear if she has been officially accepted into the sorority.

For now Allison is just going to enjoy the rest of her freshman year and hope that she is able to try out this unique experience.



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