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Another tradition underway at Cedar Crest

By: Rebekkah Parsons


Has your experience at Cedar Crest shaped you? Has it changed you? Are you a graduating senior? If so, this tradition might be for you.

As we know, Cedar Crest College is a place of tradition and it wouldn’t be another great year without another great Falcon tradition.

The Student Commencement Speaker Competition is underway until March 25. This competition allows a student to speak at commencement and share their experiences with friends, loved ones and the entire College community.

One graduating senior will be selected to represent the Class of 2016 on May 14.

The theme for the competition this year is “How has your Cedar Crest College experience transformed you?”

The winner will be announced during the week of April 11. You can apply online. If you have any questions contact student affairs.

If you’re unsure what to say but are interested in applying for this position, last year’s speech from Tina O’Toole is included.

2015 Commencement Speech by Tina O’Toole

First, I would like to say Good morning to President Ambar, the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, and the Cedar Crest College community.  I would like to congratulate my fellow graduates and their friends and family for this incredible accomplishment!  We have converged at this one moment in time to celebrate the culmination of one journey before beginning another.  It is at this joyous occasion that we realize the beauty of the gift we have been given.  Knowledge.  The immense power of knowledge is established, but it is the experiences, skills, and empowerment, that come from being a student at Cedar Crest College, which enable us to build a bright future. 

            I came to Cedar Crest College with a plan for my life, and a thirst for knowledge, but I have been transformed.  Cedar Crest College opened my mind to a world I did not know existed.  It presented me with opportunities for leadership and growth while promoting the development of relationships.  Cedar Crest enabled me to see ways in which I could use my passions and abilities to initiate change in the world while still pursuing my dreams.  Cedar Crest became a second home, and many of my fellow graduates are like family to me. 

            This extraordinary institution instills courage, strength, creativity, and confidence in its students.  I look upon the faces of my fellow graduates, and I believe in you and your dedication, passion, and ability.  I know you will do great things and reach for the stars even when they are obscured by the clouds.  I know there will be challenges, but I truly believe you have the tools to face them.  I also believe, whole-heartedly, that you will make opportunities.  The world is consistently changing, and opportunity does not always knock, but you all have the ability to make opportunities because our education has taught us to be innovative and tenacious.  I believe each of you can make a difference, personally, locally, or globally.  Each of you will touch lives, and this makes me smile, because, sometimes it is the smallest connection or action that can yield the greatest rewards.  Each of you has a chance to find your voice, utilize your competencies, and excel both personally and professionally. 

            I am truly thankful to have been transformed and absolutely empowered by my Cedar Crest College education.  Remember, as you begin to walk your next path, keep hold of your dreams and follow your passions because the only limitations that exist are the ones you create.  Believe, and you will succeed.  I am proud to join all of you as an alumna of Cedar Crest College.  Thank you for sharing this journey with me, and congratulations.  Thank you. 


For more information, head to the commencement website .


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