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Take a bite of Toothless



By Jamie Wojciechowski, Staff Writer

If you’re looking for a new band to follow, this is the one! Toothless is an up and coming band that consists of five down-to-earth dudes. It is considered Metalcore/Hardcore with some mellow beats and rhythms. The band is made up of vocalist, Travis Antoniello, drummer, James Slattery, guitarists, Eric Novroski and Bob Dudash  and bassist, Scott Wood.

This group was completed when they added lead vocal Antoniello in November of 2015. Toothless is quickly gaining stardom in the Eastern part of Pennsylvania as they recently won a radio contest poll to have their music played primetime on 97.9X which plays to the Scranton/Wilkes-barre  area of Pennsylvania.

So far they have played two shows. Their first show was at a place called The Otherside in Wilkes-Barre, and the other was at a place called PAR Glass in Jonestown.

“The Otherside is an awesome little place with a really cool atmosphere that has bands there all of the time. PAR Glass is more out towards the middle of nowhere, but they have a lot of bands often and host the annual Yardstock festival, which is getting pretty huge,” said Antoniello.

Their next show is during Metal Meltdown in Pittston, Pennsylvania on April 16 and 17. You can find Toothless’s music at which is free to download.  They are also going to be releasing an EP (a short album) very soon, with a release show for that. You can also like them on Facebook and see some of their new music and news. ‪#‎ToothlessBandPA Toothless will also be playing at Warped Tour this year in Scranton.


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