The Crestiad

Cedar Crest College newspaper since 1923



The Crestiad is a student run newspaper organization. It publishes an issue every other week during the fall and spring semesters. Its primary goals are to keep students, faculty, and staff informed about events and issues of concern to the Cedar Crest community, and to provide students with an on-campus, internship-quality media experience.

The first issue of the Crestiad was published in January of 1923. Back issues of the Crestiad are available in the Cressman Library.

The student staff is a member of the Associated Collegiate Press and Student Press Law Center. Each spring members travel to New York City for the College Media Convention.
All students are encouraged to join the Crestiad. Experience is not required. Students participating may earn college credit for contributing to the paper.  The final responsibility for news content and decisions rests with the Editor-in-Chief and editorial staff.


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Masthead 2015-2016

Editor-In-Chief: Rebekkah Parsons

News Editor: Michelle Chavez

Opinions Editor: Juliana Wall

Life and Cultures Editor: Jillian Shaffer

Arts and Entertainment Editor: Miranda Alvarez

Sports Editor: Rebekkah Parsons

Study Break Editor: Kristina Litonjua

Front Page Editor: Juliana Wall

Photo Editor: Juliana Wall

Advisors: Elizabeth Ortiz and Dannah Hartman

Masthead 2014-2015

Managing Editor: Paula Wesson

Copy Editor: Abigail Ormiston

Faculty Adviser: Christine Schiavo

Social Media Manager: Alida Reyes

Masthead 2013-2014

Managing Editors: Emily Orischak and Paula Wesson

Copy Editor: Sarina LaBold

Faculty Adviser: Christine Schiavo

Masthead 2012-2013

Managing Editor: Victoria Kuebler

Front Page Editor: Bryanne Hornung

News Editor: Sarah Pilkington

Opinions Editor: Emily Orishack

Lifestyles Editor: Paula Wesson

Arts Editor: Rachel Morgandale

Assistant Arts Editor: Natalia Martinez-Colon

Athletics Editor: Victoria Kuebler

Photo Editor: Bryanne Hornung and Emily Orishack

Copy Editor: Sarina LaBold

Web Editor: Emily Baxter

Faculty Adviser: Christine Schiavo

Social Media

Instagram: the Crestiad


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