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National Novel Writing Month

By Jericho Burke, Staff Writer The sounds of fingers clacking away on keyboards filled the air. Students stumbled around campus with tired eyes and caffeine-laced drinks. Everyone was desperately trying … Continue reading

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“Thor: The Dark World” Movie Review

By Gabrielle Johnson, Staff Writer I’m a fan of Marvel. I have been since I first saw the original “X-men” cartoon as a child, and I continued to be even … Continue reading

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End of Season Sports Summary

By Gabrielle Johnson, Staff Writer The fall semester is coming to a close and with that comes the end of fall sports. There were some bleak points and mishaps throughout … Continue reading

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Interviews with Students who Studied Abroad

Senior Social Work Major From Seoul, South Korea. In Korea if you are in university you do an interview for international student and a resume. You can pick up to … Continue reading

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Study Abroad On the Rise

By Angela Blum, Staff Writer Look around you. Cedar Crest College prides itself on the significant diversities within its student population, which is strengthened through the study abroad program here … Continue reading

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“The Cover of Life” Play

By Paula Wesson, Managing Editor This is the second year that the Cedar Crest Stage Company performed a play about military wives. “The Cover of Life,” which ran from Nov. … Continue reading

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FADED: Advocating Diversity On and Off the Stage

By Laura D’Amato, Staff Writer             FADED is one of Cedar Crest’s best kept secrets. It stands for Falcons Advocate Diversity Educational Drama. Their lively performances feature improvisational skits that … Continue reading

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Sorting Through SGA’s Announcement

By Paula Wesson, Managing Editor On Friday, Oct. 25, 22 clubs received an email reminding them that their budgets were going to be cut by 15% if they did not … Continue reading

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Halloween Playlist

By Gabrielle Johnson, Staff Writer For boogieing down with the goblins and ghouls, turning nocturnal for reasons other than finals, and drinking coffee so strong it’ll wake the dead. 1. … Continue reading

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