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Living Legend Sez

By: Maynard Cressman Well, kids, this is the last installment of Sez for the academic year, a sad moment for my cult following of three readers. When last we met, … Continue reading

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This Anti-Muslim Attitude needs to stop.

By: Thomas Pritchett, Professor of Chemical and Physical Sciences. Over the past few years I have been watching more and more anti-Muslim posts on Facebook and attacks by politicians and … Continue reading

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Travel Allows for Learning Outside the Classroom and Finding Oneself

By: Juliana Wall, Staff Writer As Pico Iyer wrote in his famous essay Why We Travel, “We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel next, to find ourselves.” In … Continue reading

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Dear Fat People

By: Kristina Litonjua, staff writer The internet is quite honestly one of the greatest inventions of our time. It gives people instant access to unlimited knowledge and connects communities from … Continue reading

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Forget the Pumpkin Season, It’s Football Season!

By: Rebekkah Parsons, Copy Editor When the leaves on the trees begin to change color girls let loose. They start to buy pumpkin everything- in fact, it’s often referred to … Continue reading

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Paid Family Leave in the United States

By Stephanie Kershner, Staff Writer In his January State of the Union Address, President Barack Obama discussed the need to address the country’s lack of paid family leave. The United … Continue reading

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Students’ Stress: Sources, Effects, and Coping Methods

By Abigail Ormiston, Copy Editor “Stress is a fact of life,” according to Dr. Micah Sadigh, professor of psychology. Many people including college students stress of all kinds throughout their … Continue reading

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Should women be allowed to openly breast-feed their children in public?

By Stephanie Kershner, Staff Writer Breast-feeding in public is a topic that comes in and out of the media’s radar on a relatively consistent basis. What always strikes me about … Continue reading

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OMG, It’s Ebola?!!!

By Rakia Otoo, Staff Writer For the last couple months, there has been one thing that people have been talking about—Ebola. I have heard about it in class, around campus, … Continue reading

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